IBD Consulting & Co. is a small and dynamic company with a great focus on business development in the areas of medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We will open up the doors to your future with expertise, performance and process solutions!

We provide you future-oriented and innovative, sustainably effective solutions, which we implement into your processes quickly and efficiently for your maximum success.

What we do for you:

  • You can rely on our well-respected team of industrial experts and our efficient processes.
  • We analyse international markets and develop business for you more quickly and easily through our multinational backgrounds and networks.
  • We will reboot your business if innovations are lacking or do not take off. With our market and product analysis and the targeted sourcing of products and services your strategic plan will be fit for the future again!
  • We can support you in securing, defining or licencing your patents. Our expertise goes as far as the technical levels for the protection of your innovations!
  • With our many years of experience, we can support you with quality management, product testing or registration and also with the validation or certification of your processes.
  • Experience marketing and sales in your daily business with the support of tried and tested professionals.

If you have an urgent deadline we can help you with our QuickChecks© within 24/48 hours!