To be innovative and thereby react quickly to market developments is a deciding, competitive advantage. We make sure that you can carry out the implementation and launching of your product onto the market successfully and on schedule. You can concentrate on your core competences while we create the conditions for a perfect launch of your product.


Meeting flexible and innovative market developments

We bring our know-how into your team, for example, when you develop a product, packaging, chemical processes or system components, with the development of new equipment, machines and technical system solutions. We investigate and evaluate trademark rights and patent conflicts and can also bring in patent lawyers from our network should you require them. We accompany you and your plans with suitable project management or project managers.

We can support you with any regulatory requirements including the certification of your product for all respective markets. If necessary, you can hand over this time consuming area to us completely and will simply receive the certificates on the appointed day. And last but not least, if necessary we can also find you suitable new employees through our professional network and cooperation partners. Each step putting you on the right path to the successful growth of your new product or business unit.

Increase your flexibility and forget delayed product launches! Our branch experts will make sure your products land on the relevant markets and on schedule! Increase your powers of innovation with out Launch Time solutions: efficient utilization of in-house economic performance supplemented by all necessary know-how at very short notice!